Seminar Series 2017–2018
At: Headwaters Racquet Club – non-members are welcome, bring a friend.

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JOINT PAIN: Are your hinges slowing you down?


Trying to keep your joints well oiled and performing top notch? Wondering what to do about it? Damage to  joints can interfere with your movement, speed, coordination and day-to-day activities. We will spend time in this discussion highlighting key signs and symptoms to be aware of when experiencing joint pain.

Sometimes we need a little help to get back on track! Physiotherapists are experts in managing joint problems, including pain, as well as locating and treating its source. Join us for this session as we go over what's going on inside joints and hoot make a difference.

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YOUR CORE: We all have it, but do you know how to connect to it?


Your CORE – your foundation from within. Would you build yourhouse without a foundation? Learn how to “protect your house” and understand your core – from the foundation out.

The deep core muscles are critically important to our everyday activities and performance. The deep core muscles are the body’s essential foundation and should become active with anticipation of movement. When these muscles turn “on”, they help prepare our body for movement and load transfer, providing stability and control to the joints in our back also our pelvis. We know based on research that contraction of these muscles changes dramatically with injury to the back and pelvis. Your body will continue to use faulty muscle recruitment patterns unless you learn how to properly re-activate the correct muscles.

Your Physiotherapist at CORE Restore Physiotherapist has specialized training to teach you the essentials of the core and exercise. Learn how to correct the deep core muscles. Join us for this exhilarating session as we use real-time ultra-sound to show the activity of your core while you exercise.


KEEPING ACTIVE: The KEY to staying injury-free when exercising.


Injuries can happen to anyone – even when you’re active and healthy. It’s not a matter of “if” you’ll sustain one, it’s a matter of “when” and “how”! Developing muscular balance and a progressive exercise regime are the key points.

Our goal, is to provide you with the information you need to be proactive and avoid injuries from occurring in the first place; and when to call on the healthcare experts: your trusted Physiotherapist – for proper management and reintegration in to your sport.

During this seminar, we will touch on the key points to be aware of when considering exercise progression; warm up/cold down; nutrition/hydration; and stretching. While the majority of this discussion will be applicable to any form of exercise, there will be some focus on racquet sports and specific exercises to use in cross-training/stretching.


Run Dufferin

Island Lake Classic – 10K + 5K Run/Walk
September 4, 2017